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MPs tour Kakira Sugar

Joseph Mazige
News Source: 
The Daily Monitor
News Date: 
Mon, 2008-02-11


THE Madhvani Group of Companies has said they will work with Members of Parliament from Busoga sub-region to rebuild the region's economic base.
"We are prepared to work with you and see to it that Kakira Sugar Works is involved in programmes that improve the livelihoods of the people in Busoga," said Mr Mayur Madhvani.

He was speaking to the legislators who included Energy Minister Energy Daudi Migereko and that of State Minister for Tourism Wambuzi Gagawala, who had paid a courtesy visit to the sugar complex in Kakira.

Mr Mayur said Kakira Sugar Works has been supportive of education initiatives in the sub-region and the nation at large through scholarships and infrastructure development.


He said the factory was diversifying into other projects that will benefit the sugar cane out-growers and the surrounding communities.
"We are looking at having other income generating activities for the out growers and these will be the diary project under the Kakira Out-growers Rural Development", he said.

He said such activities would enable the out growers to fight food shortages within their homes and improve nutrition among the children.
KSW has embarked on a $57 million expansion programme and is expected to float its shares to the public.

Additionally, the company has taken up a tree planting project targeting 25,000 hectares of land in Mayuge district in replacement of the Butamira forest reserve that government gave away for sugar cane planting.

The MPs urged the company to spread out to other parts of Busoga other than concentrating in Jinja, Mayuge and Iganga districts.
The MPs declined to comment on the touchy issue of the Mayuge Sugar Industries being build 16 kilometres away from KSW.

Mr Gaggawala said the Bill on zoning for sugar factories had been approved by Cabinet though the existing sugar companies have are opposed to it.

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