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Madhvani Group Set for Biofuels

Joseph Mazige
News Source: 
The Daily Monitor
News Date: 
Wed, 2008-02-13


THE Madhvani Group of Companies has finalised plans to start a Jatropha (locally known as Birowa plant) project in Busoga.

The Managing Director, Mr Mayur Madhvani told Members of Parliament from Busoga sub-region that they have been making studies about the plant and tests have been made and confirmed that the oil from the plant could be used to save on fuel consumption.

The seeds of Jatropha, which is planted in tropical and subtropical countries contain more than 30 per cent of a non-edible oil.

The products are oil, press-cake and the sediment of oil purification.

The oil can be used as fuel in pre-combustion chamber diesel engines and as lubrificant, the oil and the sediment can be used for soap production and the press cake is a good organic fertiliser.

The oil also contains an insecticide.

Mr Mayur said the project would cut on the amount of fuel consumed in the factory.

The oil extraction can be done with hand- or engine driven expellers.

These are simple machines, which can be operated on village level and built within the country.

Renewable fuels (biofuels), are gaining popularity world wide in the wake of fears of global warming caused by greenhouse emissions from petroleum products.

Officials said particulate emissions are reduced significantly (by up to 50 per cent) and are chemically much less harmful than those from petrodiesel exhaust.

Renewable oil and biodiesel are nontoxic and they are safe to handle, store, and burn as fuel. Studies and tests have confirmed that renewable oil fuel systems and biodiesel are viable, environmentally sound technologies.

However the MPs said it would be hard for them to encourage their constituents to grow the plant because of increased land limitations.

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